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We rely on our volunteers for most of what we do - helping gather gear for our expeditions, sorting through photos, fundraising, working on our website, and more! If you think you have a skill that would be useful to us, please sign up for our volunteer listserv below or email

One of the most popular ways to volunteer is to be a  "Gear Fairy" for one of our expeditions!
These are the women who ferry (get it?) team gear to and from the campsite, ahead of the girls. This volunteer activity requires carrying heavy loads of gear on your back on potentially rocky, slippery, or steep terrain.

If you are interested in being directly involved with an expedition (such as gear fairy-ing), we highly recommend being local to the expedition you wish to volunteer for, as we are not able to reimburse for volunteer travel expenses.

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Switzerland Expeditions

If you are interested in helping out with Girls on Ice Switzerland, please contact directly. Some information about gear fairy-ing for the Swiss expeditions can be found here.