Girls on Ice Cascades

Bernadette - Fairbanks, AK
Claire - Sammamish, WA
Freedom - Ellenwood, GA
Jessica - Seattle, WA
Lordlyn - New York, NY
Naja - New York, NY
Neyeska - New Rochelle, NY
Nida - Brighton, MA
Olga - Sierra Vista, AZ

Erin Pettit (Instructor)
Cecelia Mortenson (Instructor)
Kari Stiles (Instructor)

2010 Expedition was amazing! Lots of snow, good weather, visits by professional artists and scientists, lots of great exploring, great questions from the girls, and these girls topped it off with fabulous presentations to a packed room at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center.


The presentations:

Group #1: Crevasses on Mount Baker

Group #2: Mass Balance and Ablation on the Easton Glacier by Claire, Olga, and Neyeska

Group #3: Ecology of recently deglaciated terrain by Lordlynn, Naja, and Nida