Women on Ice

September 19th - September 23rd, 2018


Connection. Inspiration. Challenge:  A unique experience to grow personally and explore a glacier.

Inspired by the internationally recognized “Girls on Ice” program, “Women on Ice” is a unique personal development experience for women taking place in the spectacular Lötschental region of the Swiss Alps.  Women on Ice is a 4-day outdoor experience that aims to create awareness, connection and personal growth through stepping back from your daily routine, engaging with other women and exploring the outdoors and glaciers. Specifically designed to create the space and discussions needed to pause, reflect and learn, this program is part retreat, part wilderness challenge and all inspiration. Our goal is a call to action for you to remember to take time out for you, to explore, connect, have fun, to keep learning and growing.

“I can do what I want to do, if I believe in myself I can do it. We climbed a glacier [thousands of] feet in the sky, that was pretty amazing and I don’t think I would have ever believed I could have done that without this program. It was funny and memorable, and difficult and hard but I loved every moment of it.”
K’sana, British Columbia
Girls on Ice - Cascades 2016


Overview of the itinerary

Photos from Girls on Ice Switzerland 2017

We will meet Wednesday 19.9.2018 at 18.00 at the village of Fafleralp, where we have check in, introductions and dinner.

The second day we will hike up to the Anenhütte, where we will arrive before lunch. That afternoon, we will start the experience of connecting with nature, others and ourselves; doing work individually, in pairs and with the entire group.

Friday, we will meet the guide and have a preparation excursion to the glacier.

Weather permitting, Saturday is the peak day, where our aim is a nearby destination that helps us to grow beyond our comfort zone. Depending on the time, we will have the late afternoon for further deepening of our personal explorations and reflections of the experience.

After the breakfast on Sunday, we will close the weekend and hike back to Fafleralp, where we will say farewell and depart for home at 14.00. Each day will start and end with optional guided meditation.


What to expect

  • Experienced leaders : A PhD glaciologist, a trained yoga & mindfulness instructor and a certified professional coach all guiding you on an journey of discovery & awareness, enriching your mind, body & spirit.  The leaders bring their vast mastery and enthusiasm from their combined 35 years of experience in their fields.

  • Unique 4-day mountain experience in the Swiss Alps: Feel yourself come alive as you experience the power and beauty of nature and a glacier up close.  This is a journey of awareness and discovery, with a combination of the calm restoration of a retreat, the physical rejuvenation of being in nature and thoughtful discovery of learning about this environment.  All in the beautiful setting of a tradition Swiss alpine hut with the personal touches of a hotel.

  • Peak experience:  We work together to accomplish a challenging day that aims to stretch you, and remind you of the amazing things you are capable of. Before our peak day, we will all complete introductory training for how to safely experience walking on a glacier. No previous experience is needed, just a sense of adventure, curiosity and a desire to grow!

  • A licensed, certified XXX mountain guide for our time on the glacier:  A qualified mountain guide will train you and accompany us on the glacier and during the peak experience.

  • Traditional, delicious meals:  Meals prepared daily at the Anenhütte include fresh, local products. Evening dinner include a 4-course meal comprised of local specialties.  Vegetarian options are available. Lovely selection of wines.

  • A chance to disconnect from day to day and invest in YOU: A unique experience that inspires you to pause and reflect as you take time in the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps. The experience aims to help you reconnect with yourself & nature; inspires you to discover new insights & build awareness in yourself, others and the environment around you.

  • Daily reflection & meditation: To start & finish each day with calm and centeredness, and help you reconnect with your best self.  We aim to help you restore or build these important self care routines into your life.

  • Small, intimate group size: This one of a kind experience combines personal development, discovery, and awareness around the mountains and glacier environment.  We aim to keep the group small to create a trusting environment that enables reflection, connection and learning together. Max 12 participants with 3 leaders. 

  • Luxury traditional mountain accommodations: Called the “most luxurious cabin of the Alps”, the beautifully located and carefully designed Anenhütte, is a mountain hut unlike any others.  It is the only privately managed mountain hut in the UNESCO world heritage Lötschental. The owners provide excellent service and hospitality, combined with a deep passion for the alpine environment.  Rooms are shared with other Women on Ice participants in traditional alpine hut dormitory style.