Articles written about Girls on Ice

Due to copyright restrictions, not all of these are available online. If you are interested in an article, please contact us for a copy.

  • (January 2018, an article written by 2017 GOI Switzerland participant Noemi Klauser, in german)
  • Spectrum (employee magazine of the Paul Scherrer Institute, Dec. 2017, about Girls on Ice Switzerland, in German)
  • REI Co-op Journal (September 2017, written by 2010 participant/2017 visiting artist Claire Giordano)
  • Seward City News (August 2017, about Girls in Icy Fjords)
  • Pro Natura Magazin (July 2017, interview with Marijke Habermann, in German)
  • Mammut Blog (July 2017, about Girls on Ice Switzerland, in German)
  • GlacierHub (July 2017, about Girls on Ice Alaska)
  • North Face (March 2016, an article from 2015 participant Karla Balbino)
  • Scientific American (Jan 2016, top 5 science summer programs)
  • Earth Magazine (Sept 2015, interview with Erin Pettit)