Inspire Expansion for 2018 Expeditions and Beyond

Our society continues to underestimate what girls are capable of, especially in realms of scientific research and
wilderness exploration. By high school, many girls feel excluded from science and other male-dominated careers and drift away. Their drifting away is exacerbated if they lack adult mentors to regain courage, confidence, and self-efficacy.


By providing mentoring, guidance, and role models, within a pivotal life experience, Inspiring Girls Expeditions can bring them back. 


The mission of Inspiring Girls Expeditions is to bring out girls’ natural curiosity; inspire their  interest in science; connect the arts and sciences; and empower and encourage trust in their physical,  intellectual,and leadership abilities
in an inclusive and less competitive atmosphere free of gender roles.

We have thousands of girls who have asked for our help, right now we can only help 36.

With your support, we can expand that to over 50 girls in 2018.  

Fundraising Goal: $250,000

We have a goal of raising $250,000 by January of 2018. We also want to build new long-term partnerships to support our efforts at expanding and setting us up for a sustainable future.

We want you to join our community and help empower girls from all social and economic backgrounds, especially those who lack mentors or are from groups underrepresented in field science.

Please contact Erin ( if you are interested in partnering with us and helping us sustain our programs in to the future. In addition to financial support, we would love to discuss opportunities to volunteer, meet  the girls, share your experiences, or help with post-expedition mentoring of these girls.   You can help change these girls' lives.


About US

Founded in 1999 by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Erin Pettit,
Inspiring Girls Expeditions are twelve-day unique, challenging, life-changing tuition-free, wilderness expeditions. We  empower teenage girls using the real processes of scientific discovery and artistic expression to explore the world:
Observe, Ask, Discover, and Share.”

Inspiring Girls Expeditions empower girls from all backgrounds, especially those from all social and economic backgrounds with courage, creativity, and tenacity through intensive wilderness exploration, including glacier mountaineering and expedition kayaking.

In 2017, thousands of young women from around the world submitted the multi-essay application. We could only select 27. Being selected is not a reward for past achievement, it is
Inspiration for Future Leadership, Curiosity, Confidence, and Success.

I can do what I want to do, if I believe in myself I can do it. We climbed a glacier [thousands of] feet in the sky, that was pretty amazing and I don’t think I would have ever believed I could have done that without this program. It was funny and memorable, and difficult and hard but I loved every moment of it.”

K’sana, British Columbia

2018 Goals

As our partner, your contribution can support our expansion needs in multiple ways. We recently received several grants to expand our expedition offerings to more girls; these grants are not enough to support the increased program-wide leadership and instructor training needs.
We need your help! You can change these girls’ lives!

Our 2018 core needs:

Your gift of $90,000 will support a much needed new Assistant Director.

Your gift of $5,000 will provide five instructors with a 2-day intensive workshop.,

Your gift of $10,000 will provide post-expedition mentoring program: a $10,000 gift will help us provide continued mentoring for one team of nine girls years into the future. We help with college decision making, identifying internships, and other ways to set these girls up for future success. 

Gifts of $15,000 directly support expedition costs for each of Girls on Ice Cascades, Girls on Ice Alaska, Girls on Rock, and Girls in Icy Fjords.

Please consider giving us a  
tax-deductible donation.

Inspiring Girls Expeditions
has a proven track record over nearly 20 years of inspiring girls to become leaders.
Inspiring Girls Expeditions graduates become scientists, teachers, artists, journalists, businesswomen, and more: they are advocates for science in our society.

The eXpeditions

Inspiring Girls Expeditions provides tuition-free transformative leadership and mentoring opportunities for  teenage girls (aged 16 and 17) from the US and beyond. We believe in creating an inclusive environment and seek girls from all backgrounds, especially those who are struggling because of limited adult mentorship and support.

Our twelve-day life-changing expeditions challenge girls with glacier mountaineering, sea kayaking, and rock climbing integrated with science and art deep in the wilderness of Alaska, Washington, and Colorado.

Guided, mentored, and inspired by professional scientists, artists, and wilderness guides, Inspiring Girls Expedition teams explore mountain and ocean environments packed full of dynamic glaciers, hardy ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes.

Girls test their limits physically and intellectually as they learn to move through and interact with inspiring landscapes filled with bright blue ice, crisp white snow, towering gray rocks, deep blue water, and soft green plants.

Girls cross their personal preconceived boundaries and expectations while exploring a volcanic crater or a glacial fjord, designing their own scientific experiments which they present to the public at the end.

These landscapes provide a perfect classroom for developing scientific observational skills, understanding relationships between organisms and their surroundings, reflecting on our own interactions with the mountains through art, as well as building self-confidence in difficult terrain and gaining life-long friendships.