Girls in Icy Fjords 2017 - the Science!!

As recently as the 1976 Bear Glacier flowed nearly to the ocean. Only since then has a lake existed in this area. There is a narrow “moraine” that separates the lake from the ocean. A moraine is a pile of rock and debris left by a a glacier as it erodes its valley.

This lake is less than 50 years old!

We wanted to know:

  • How deep is the lake? And how does wind and sun affect its temperature?

  • How long does it take for an iceberg to melt?

  • Is the lake salty, being so close to the ocean?

  • How much more might the glacier retreat… and expand the size of the lake?

  • How has the ecosystem evolved?

The Girls in Icy Fjords team used these big picture questions to decide on a focus question and design an experiment to try to answer it. Very few other scientists have studied this lake! The girls on the team were really are the first to make some of these measurements!

Team 1: How fast do icebergs melt?

Team 2: What happens where the salt water and freshwater mix?

Team 2: What is the behavior of the peeps birds?

Iceberg Melting… more coming soon!

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