Are you interested in joining an expedition?


We don't require any specific skills, just a willingness to learn and explore and to do some physical tasks. The different expeditions have different eligibility requirements, so please read over the expedition page and the FAQ section before applying.

What are we looking for?

Each Inspiring Girls expedition combines many aspects of science, art, critical thinking, and mountaineering or kayaking. We are looking for applicants who will each contribute in a unique way to the team. Ideally, you will have something to bring to the team so that you will not only learn from your leaders, but also will teach each other. Therefore, we do not choose applicants based solely on their individual applications - we choose the team as a whole, based on what the applicant can bring to the team.

These are the overall criteria for building our team:

  1. Diversity of backgrounds: a range of ethnic, cultural, economic, family, and geographic backgrounds.

  2. Diversity of interests and life experiences: what can you bring to the team? We seek a balance of interests in science, environment and outdoors, art, philosophy, social issues, politics, and more. If you are passionate about something, tell us about it.

  3. Opportunity: this is a unique, free program and we look for applicants who stand to gain the most from the experience, and who have not necessarily had access to many extracurricular opportunities before. We look at both your answers to the questions as well as your teacher recommendations in considering this aspect of our selection criteria.

Please consider that we are not necessarily looking for applicants who are top athletes, have the best grades, or participate in the most extracurricular activities. We are also not looking for applicants who are just seeking to boost their resume or college application. We are looking for applicants who have a genuine interest in science, art, critical thinking and the outdoors, and who wouldn’t normally have opportunities to experience those things outside of school.

For questions concerning eligibility, problems with the application process, recommendation requests, and other frequently asked questions, please see the FAQ or contact: apply@girlsonice.org.