1999 : South Cascade Glacier

The adventure begins! Erin, Michele, and five girls hiked up the south fork of the Cascade River until the trail ended. Then we bushwhacked, following an old trailmap with notes made by some of the first glaciologists back in the 1950s. Through "Rowland's Nettle Field", over "High log Creek" and into XXX basin. The US Geological Survey glaciology team, led by Bob Krimmel, offered us their research hut and flew in a few extra supplies on their regular helicopter visit.

We dug snow pits, explored crevasses, identified alpine plants, enjoyed the sunshine, were cautious in the fog, played games in the evening in the hut, and built a snowman in honor of Bob from the USGS.

Where are they now?

Rebecca has an M.S. in molecular biology.

Michele is a professor at UBC.

Erin is a professor at UAF.

The first team was led by Erin Pettit and Michele Koppes.

The girls:

Laura Fletcher
Christina Greenberg
Kellie Opdyke
Larkin Plaeger-McCollum
Becky Reeves


1999 Inspiring Girls Photo Highlights